Perhaps the fastest way to figure out how a certain thing is done is to watch a video where someone else discloses the exact actions you need to perform. This is valid particularly if you open a new hosting account without having used this kind of service until now, or if you’ve worked with a hosting platform with some other account administration console and are not aware of the way in which things are managed on the new one. An educational video clip can show you the simplest and fastest way to carry out a particular operation inside your web hosting account, sparing you the trouble of examining different options until you find the one that you in fact need, or of reading long knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be ambiguous as to where you should go and what you should click.

Video Tutorials in Shared Website Hosting

As part of our shared website hosting packages, we've made a vast number of tutorial video clips where you can see a demo of our feature-crammed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. We’ve included both very easy tasks such as setting up a brand-new e-mail address or copying files between directories, and more elaborate ones like generating an .htaccess configuration file or exporting a database. We’ve also got various informative videos that will let you in on what error logs are used for or what CPU load is. If you go to a given section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to watch applicable tutorial videos that describe how you can perform various procedures, but you can also see a thorough list of all the videos that we’ve got in a separate section, which you can access using the Video Tutorials shortcut at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you’ve never used a hosting account till now or you have ordered a semi-dedicated server service from us and you are unsure about how to carry out a particular task, you could take a look at our elaborate Hepsia Control Panel-incorporated video tutorial library, which will help you control every facet of the hosting service and, even if you do not possess any prior experience at all, you will be able to execute operations such as choosing another PHP version for your account, exporting a database or setting up a mailing list without any difficulties. Once you open a specific section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to view all the tutorial videos that are applicable to the functions available in this very section. You can also browse through all the videos that we have shot if you’d like to strengthen your knowledge about the hosting service in general, as we have educative videos too. You will find the shortcut to the video collection at the bottom of your hosting Control Panel.